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Determine the value of your company with Saxenhammer.

Whether you're contemplating selling your business, need an efficient solution during a strategic transformation, or are searching for financing options – the Saxenhammer valuation calculator provides you with crucial calculations.

Receive a comprehensive overview of your company's market value, based on current and relevant multipliers according to Finance Magazine.

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Why the Saxenhammer Company Value Calculator?

Most Current Market Data

The strength of our calculator? Its outstanding currency! We use the latest multiples (Finance Magazine) to give our valuations immediate relevance and accuracy.


The Saxenhammer Company Value Calculator relies on objective algorithms and uses market data as well as industry-specific metrics to ensure as rational and accurate a valuation of your company as possible.


Professional company valuation involves confidential data. Saxenhammer only requests the necessary information and strictly adheres to data protection policies.

Value Enhancement

Our advanced business valuation offers more than just a simple price estimate. Saxenhammer identifies optimisation opportunities and recognises potential for value enhancement that can bring you immediate benefits.

Technological Excellence and Entrepreneurial Partnership at Eye Level!

This is the hallmark of Saxenhammer. We are not just specialists in business valuation, company sales, transformation, and financing; we combine the expertise of our sector specialists with over 350 successful transactions and an effective organisational structure.

Our tailor-made tools enable swift and precise advice, each tailored to your sector. We understand entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs ourselves. This profound understanding is the cornerstone of the trust that business leaders have placed in us for more than two decades. With Saxenhammer, you choose a partner who shapes your next big chapter together with you.

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"We understand entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs ourselves."

Christian Saxenhammer

Founder & CEO Saxenahmmer

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