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Saxenhammer is an exclusive part of CDI Global for Germany and can access a global network of boutique investment banks around the world as a member.

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Saxenhammer x CDI Global

Saxenhammer is a member of CDI Global and acts as an exclusive boutique investment bank for German-speaking medium-sized companies. Through specialization, CDI Global provides direct access to internationally active buyers in cross-border transactions. In addition, joint mandates facilitate cross-border transactions and cover multinational transactions involving subsidiaries in multiple jurisdictions.

CDI Global is a network of boutique investment banks around the world. 50 offices in more than 30 countries form a global alliance dedicated to transforming businesses through strategic mergers and acquisitions. Since 1973, CDI Global has put its resources and expertise at the service of the middle market and has completed over 3,000 transactions worldwide across a variety of industries. CDI Global has 14 dedicated industry expert groups.

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About CDI Global

Numbers and facts 


Since its founding in Brussels in 1973, CDI Global has evolved into a global network of boutique investment banks. Our roots are in industry expertise and corporate focus. This historical focus continues to guide our client-centric approach today.


These figures are indicative of how we execute successful mid-market transactions on a large scale:

50 Offices


CDI Global has über 46 offices in major financial centers in over in über 30 countires around the world.

1973 founding year


For over 50 years, CDI Global has been characterized by strong growth and a high number of transactions.

3.000+ Transactions

CDI Global has completed thousands of successful transactions in a wide variety of industries over the past 50 years.

30+ Countries

Global presence is key to our ability to provide the best transaction opportunities and maximize success. In today's global economy, cross-border transactions are critical for growth and diversification.

14 Industry groups

CDI Global combines industry experience, local presence and cross-border specialization. This makes us a perfect partner to take advantage of the right growth opportunities in virtually any industry worldwide.

200+ CDI Global professionals


More than 200 professionals from around the world work on transactions every day. Together, we form one of the strongest groups of M&A experts in the world.

Global Reach


A global network, with local reach through more than 50 offices in over 30 countries. A lively exchange and numerous joint multinational transactions characterize this partnership.


CDI Global has on-the-ground teams that understand local markets, customs and trends and can proactively identify the best opportunities in virtually any region. Our international offices work seamlessly together to provide professional and transparent advice to our clients worldwide.

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