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Management Consulting around Mergers & Acquisitions

Preserving values. Realize transactions successfully.

The sale and purchase of companies form the core of our expertise in the Mergers & Acquisitions segment, especially in special situations. The variants are manifold: share deal, asset deal, buy-out, carve-out, leveraged buy-out, merger, joint venture, recapitalization, spin-off, squeeze-out - each transaction structure requires special expertise, and in special situations, above all, the ability to act at high speed is of importance. We have built up the necessary expertise in more than 300 successfully completed transactions.

Mergers and acquisitions are therefore full of opportunities - and challenges. As professional partners, our M&A advisors support medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs with professional M&A and corporate finance services. With targeted advice and a differentiated strategy, we increase the probability of success of the M&A process and minimize risks.



In the process, we have a precise view of our clients operational resources. While you continue to focus on the day-to-day business of your company, the Saxenhammer team takes over the development of the process, the careful compilation of process documents, the proactive search for investors, as well as strategic negotiations, in order to realize your goals in the best possible way, within a set timeframe.
 Process progress and negotiation status is continuously documented and precisely communicated by us.


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Our M&A Services

Sell-side M&A


The sale of a company as well as the search for a company succession is for many entrepreneurs one of the most challenging decisions at the end of a long road - a decision is made about a life's work. In such a demanding moment it is important to have a reliable and highly competent partner at one's side. We achieve & ensure the best possible process result based on our experience, in concert with the entrepreneur.


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Buy-side M&A


In any case, company acquisitions are associated with a high expenditure of time and money. The return, however, is worth these investments. The result: accelerated growth, the acquisition of innovative technologies or the opening up of new markets and positions. Your partners at Saxenhammer will handle the acquisition for your company with the help of a suitable strategy (e.g. asset deal or share deal) at a calculable risk, always with a focus on your set goals.


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The merger or takeover of another company can bring many attractive synergies: increase of market position as well as turnover, adaptation of proven processes of the competition, and professional competence and experience in foreign industries when taking over the employees. In order for you to be completely confident in the process and with your takeover decision, we carry out a professional company valuation, as well as the legal, tax, economic and financial examination with the help of due diligence. We also negotiate on your behalf until the deal is successfully concluded.


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Special Situations


The history of a company is often characterized by different phases. Phases of upswing can be followed by a crisis due to external factors or unforeseeable difficulties. But even a phase of recession does not have to mean the existential end of a company. In such a case, your partners at Saxenhammer will immediately start with restructuring / corporate finance consulting as well as planning the implementation of individual M&A solutions.


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We are your ideal partner.

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Our goal for every transaction: suitable options with the highest level of decision-making certainty at the same time. To achieve this, your M&A advisors implement the processes involved in Mergers & Acquisitions with best practices in strategy and negotiation - each deal closing on the best terms.

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An international network of industry experts and exclusive access to strategic and financial investors at decision-maker level, allow us to tailor the provision of suitable contacts within the framework of Mergers & Acquisitions processes.

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Professionally adept.

Over 20 years of experience and more than 300 transactions in the Mergers & Acquisition segment have honed our expertise for diverse constellations and special situations. As your M&A advisors, we accompany you unerringly through every process, from consulting to negotiation to closing.

Advice on all aspects of corporate finance

Corporate Finance & Debt Advisory


Your partners at Saxenhammer specialize in professional consulting and the implementation of successful solutions in corporate finance. As your Corporate Finance consultants, we assess the current phase of companies and develop a strategic process with the help of a company valuation and fairness opinion to revolutionize your corporate finance.


An immediate action, as well as a secure implementation of the process, always in the sense of your goals, characterizes our approach. Thanks to many years of experience and specialized know-how, we always advise you transparently on your options. Once the first step of consulting has been taken, we also take care of everything else so that you can continue to take care of your day-to-day business throughout the process.


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Your Industry.
Our Expertise.

Consumer Goods and Trade

As the most important consumer market in Europe, Germany offers attractive opportunities for companies that have positioned themselves in the consumer goods and retail sector. Even if the individual market segments within the industry have their own specific characteristics and developments, ultimately each company’s success in this sector depends on the adaptation to consumer behaviour, which is precisely what has changed continuously and rapidly in recent years. Brick-and-mortar retailers must create attractive shopping experiences and integrate online retail concepts. Consumer goods manufacturers must focus on consumers' growing awareness of health, sustainability and social aspects. Companies that actively adapt and offer innovative solutions can benefit significantly from these changes and set themselves apart from the competition. M&A can be a useful means of driving innovation, generating or consolidating market share through buy-and-build concepts – and should be part of any active corporate strategy.

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Green Energy & Infrastructure

Infrastructure projects are usually very large, complex and capital-intensive projects and transactions involving the financing of new infrastructure projects (greenfield) or the purchase/sale or implementation of renewal/growth programmes for existing infrastructure facilities (brownfield). In addition, particularly in the case of new technologies, capital raising is used to realise the first expansion stage of a major project. 

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Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare and life sciences are significant sectors in the German economy with high innovation and employment rates. They are divided into medical care, industrial healthcare and other sectors. Medical care includes hospitals, clinics, doctors' practices and care facilities. The industrial health care industry provides products and services to the health care industry. Other sectors include pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices. In total, the healthcare industry employs around 5.8 million people, which is equivalent to around 17% of the workforce in Germany.

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Industrial products and services

Industrials in Germany are an important economic factor and global leaders in various sectors such as mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Industrial companies contribute significantly to gross value added and innovation. German SMEs play an important role in the manufacture of sophisticated products and intermediate products. These companies are internationally successful and contribute to exports. The industrial sector is also an active area for M&A transactions, where we have a track record of around 60 completed deals.

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Real Estate

The property and infrastructure market is one of the most important economic sectors in Germany and encompasses development, project planning, brokerage, management, trading and letting. In addition to its economic importance, the property market plays a central role for the state and the economy, particularly the residential market as an investment market and commercial property for companies. The expansion of infrastructure is crucial for economic development and location development.

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Technology (TMT and Software)

The German technology sector is playing an increasingly important role in the digital era. With annual sales of over EUR 280 billion and around 1 million jobs, it is a major driver of innovation. The sector includes areas such as IT, telecommunications, software development and digital services. Technology companies drive progress, efficiency, business models and digitization in many industries. Subsectors such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and cybersecurity are crucial for Germany's competitiveness. Our technology team supports start-ups and established companies in transactions such as fundraisings, acquisitions or exits.

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What is the ideal M&A process like?


The execution of an M&A transaction (purchase, sale, company succession or merger of companies) follows carefully worked out patterns. Here we present step by step the ideal typical course of an M&A process. In the comprehensive consultation and coordination carried out in the run-up to each process, we get to know our clients' requirements and objectives. With the strategy developed on this basis, it is then our common goal to implement it successfully. Let one of our partners at Saxenhammer advise you on optimal M&A strategies, without obligation.


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  • Development of a customized M&A strategy
  • Company valuation using various analysis methods and a fairness opinion
  • Preparation of a management presentation for the optimal presentation of your company
  • Acquisition process: Search for potential buyers/sellers or investors and financing partners
  • Letter of Intent between the parties involved
  • Due diligence (in-depth analysis of the buyer/seller with regards to tax, legal, economic, and financial aspects of the company)
  • Signing and closing: negotiation and signing of the contract
  • Post-merger Integration (preparation and implementation of integration after successful transaction)
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