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A company acquisition, a business combination or a merger can offer excellent opportunities to inorganically expand one's own business areas and sales channels - with the help of new markets as well as market penetration - and to gain and maintain a good position within the competitive environment. Particularly in times when, for example, there are tight limits to organic growth due to a limited personnel market, opportunities arise through company acquisitions.

The acquisition of a company is a good approach to continue the previous growth path, while reinvesting economic resources and own know-how in a target-oriented and best possible way.

Whether you want to handle the acquisition of a company in the course of a vertical acquisition or a horizontal acquisition, to give your company the desired momentum - your partners at Saxenhammer will support you in achieving this goal with passion and creativity.


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360°-perspective on the M&A process


Particularly in the case of a company acquisition, it is important to go beyond standard approaches. This starts with the operational identification of potential targets. After developing a strategy to evaluate potential targets and companies with publicly available information, we initially undertake the target approach on an anonymous basis. In the strategic search for potential targets, it is crucial to use good arguments and a convincing story, to establish an open dialogue on a possible sales scenario and, building on this, to implement transactions at a reasonable cost.

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Place your company takeover in experienced hands


The decisive factor in the acquisition of a company: to arrive at a realistic company valuation of the existing company in due diligence and negotiations with the seller, in order to be able to conclude a transaction that is appropriate for both sides. Here it is also important to negotiate suitable structures in terms of timing and content for the purchase prices from the seller's point of view - and at the same time to define appropriate weightings of risk and valuations from the buyer's point of view.



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Extensive market knowledge & a global network


In the search for the right deal for your company acquisition, we draw on the network we have built up over many years. According to your requirements for the acquisition, we can identify the right company for you nationally and internationally, from companies in all size categories.

The buy-side M&A process

We offer professional support in the preparation of the target profile and thus create optimal conditions for a proactive search for suitable companies, as well as the acquisition of companies that ideally fit into the business portfolio of our clients.


Already during a first company audit we gain valuable information with due diligence, which enables our clients to submit a non-binding offer with a high degree of certainty in the course of the purchase.


We coordinate all steps of the transaction process from consulting and due diligence, to communication with the sellers, in order to substantially relieve our clients from these duties. This includes management presentations, site visits, and the involvement of tax advisors and lawyers.


We are a strong negotiating partner and use our negotiating skills to avoid bidding procedures. The transaction structure as well as the legal details are coordinated according to the wishes of our clients.



The most suitable target company at the most attractive conditions

Christian Saxenhammer
Managing Partner

M&A Advisory


Our core area is in the Mergers & Acquisitions segment, where we have extensive expertise in corporate sales and acquisitions as well as corporate takeovers and purchases. There are numerous variants, such as share deal, asset deal, buy-out, carve-out, leveraged buy-out, merger, joint venture, spin-off and squeeze-out. Each transaction form of corporate acquisition requires specialised expertise and often the ability to act at high speed. We have built up the necessary expertise in over 300 successfully completed transactions.


Mergers and Acquisitions thus offer both opportunities and challenges. As professional partners, our M&A advisors support companies and entrepreneurs with high-quality M&A and corporate finance services. We increase the likelihood of success of the M&A process and minimise risks through targeted advice and a differentiated strategy.


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Corporate Finance


Even if interesting targets can be identified in the course of a strategic search for company acquisitions, the financing of the transaction always remains a predetermined breaking point in the process. Here we are happy to offer to support you with comprehensive expertise in structuring acquisition financing. Your partners at Saxenhammer will provide you with comprehensive advice and support in the field of corporate finance.


This includes planning and arranging financing (equity and debt). In concrete terms, this means maintaining the company's liquidity and securing capital for growth and expansion. Our support in the area of corporate finance is comprehensive - from the discussion and development of an optimal financing strategy to its successful implementation.


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Saxenhammer – About us

Your success is our passion.


Your partners at Saxenhammer are industry experts with diverse areas of expertise and many years of experience in all aspects of management consulting, corporate acquisitions, company sales and takeovers.


What unites us all is our pursuit of excellence and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We are dealmakers - through and through. In that sense, we are always ready to surpass our past performance. At the same time, it is particularly important for us to be anchored as entrepreneurs in dialogue with medium-sized businesses. That is where we feel at home.


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Therefore we offer:


  • Customized solutions
  • More than 20 years of experience in company valuations, company acquisitions, company purchases, and company sales
  • State-of-the-art tools and data-driven approach to professionally support high-value corporate transactions
  • We take a systematic, creative and methodologically proven approach
  • Our dedicated team puts success in the process at the center of the project
  • 30 experts offer decades of experience in a wide range of sectors
Frequently asked questions
M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) refers to the takeover of a company by new owners, a company succession or a merger of an existing company with another…

M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) refers to the takeover of a company by new owners, a company succession or a merger of an existing company with another company.  

At Saxenhammer, we advise you individually on all essential elements of the company purchase and takeover, so that you can be sure of a successful transaction and company growth. For all (tax-) legal aspects we additionally consult external lawyers, as well as experienced tax consultants if required.


1. Development of a tailor-made M&A strategy

2. Identification of potential target companies (long list)

3. Company valuation and selection of focused target companies (short list)Company valuation is not part of the short list

4. Anonymous approach of the target companies and examination of their willingness to sell (company acquisition)

5. Indicative offer after valuation and declaration of intent of the buying company (Letter of Intent)

6. Due diligence (also due diligence examination: detailed analysis of the seller/company for legal, economic, financial, and tax circumstances by the buyer or party commissioned by the buyer)

7. Negotiation of the purchase agreement including the purchase price, guarantees, warranties and maintenance of existing employment relationships after acquisition and takeover

8. Signing of the purchase agreement / company takeover and coordination of the payment of the purchase price

9. Post-merger integration (preparation and implementation of the company takeover after the acquisition)



An asset deal and a share deal are two different ways of selling or acquiring a company. The main difference between the two is whether the company sh…

An asset deal and a share deal are two different ways of selling or acquiring a company. The main difference between the two is whether the company shares, or the assets of the company, are the subject of the transaction.


In an asset deal, the assets or individual assets of the company are sold, for example individual assets such as real estate, machinery, patents, licenses, or customer lists. This means that the existing company continues to exist as a legal entity after the corporate acquisition and the buyer takes over all or only the selected assets.


In contrast, a share deal refers to the sale of shares in the company itself. Here, the entire target company is sold, including all assets and liabilities as well as the legal structure of the company. The buyer thus succeeds the company with the takeover, acquires the company as a whole and becomes the owner of all assets, liabilities, and obligations.


The choice between an asset deal and a share deal depends on various factors, such as the scope of the sale, the tax treatment, or the liability issue. For example, an asset deal may be more advantageous in certain situations where the buyer is only interested in certain assets and wants to limit liability. A share deal, in contrast to an asset deal, may be more advantageous if the buyer wishes to acquire the entire company as part of a business succession or takeover, and strengthen its market position and customer relationships.

A management buy-in (MBI) or management buy-out (MBO or just buy-out) are forms of company acquisitions. Whether a management buy-in or a management b…

A management buy-in (MBI) or management buy-out (MBO or just buy-out) are forms of company acquisitions. Whether a management buy-in or a management buy-out is better depends on the circumstances of the specific case.


A management buy-in takes place when external managers buy a company in which they do not work themselves or do not hold a management position. In this case, they contribute their know-how and experience to the company, in order to develop it further and grow it profitably.


A management buy-out, on the other hand, takes place when the existing management of a company acquires its own company. In this case, the managers take control of the company they already manage, giving them greater autonomy and independence.


Both options have advantages and disadvantages. An MBI can help bring new expertise and a breath of fresh air to an established company, as external managers often bring new perspectives and ideas. An MBO, on the other hand, is an opportunity for existing management to improve the company's trajectory and financial situation, since the management team has an ownership stake in the company.


Ultimately, the choice between an MBI and an MBO depends on which option best contributes to the implementation of corporate planning and which option best positions the company in the long term. A thorough analysis and review (due diligence) of the economic, financial, tax, and legal aspects is essential prior to an acquisition, an MBI, or an MBO, in order to make an informed decision.

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