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Special Situations:

Buying and selling a company in situations of transformation

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Ways out of the crisis
Restructuring advisory & financial restructuring through company acquisition & sale.


The global economy is currently characterized by extreme uncertainties. Companies face corresponding challenges on a daily basis. Despite planning for economic cycles, unforeseeable difficulties can therefore arise, possibly resulting in existential challenges for a company. Our experts offer immediate and professional support in the areas of corporate finance and M&A with tailored advice and, above all, the successful implementation of solutions for medium-sized companies.


The strategic realignment of a company can have various causes. It may be necessary due to market changes, disappearing markets, changed customer behavior, new legal framework conditions or for other reasons. We are at your side.


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Individual solutions. Customized strategies.


  • Due to different entrepreneurial dynamics or strategic orientations, a carve-out is sought as a spin-off or the sale of parts of the company
  • Financing partners change their strategy in light of corresponding challenges for the further financing or refinancing of the company
  • An entrepreneurial or strategic special situation leads to acute liquidity needs
  • Family businesses are looking for new strategic options when succession is unresolved
  • As an operationally and economically well-positioned company, a growth strategy is pursued that includes the acquisition/restructuring of distressed companies while at the same time leveraging corresponding economic opportunities (acquisition of crisis companies)



Individual solutions.

Transactions in special situations with Saxenhammer.


As your advisors and executing force, we avert the crisis before it occurs or, following personal restructuring advice, successfully help you out of the special situation, with successful M&A measures, such as the purchase or sale of a company. Why us? Get to know us.

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Planning & implementation of financial restructuring


To identify the necessary financial measures, we analyze the current state of the company's balance sheet. If a restructuring program is to be initiated, we immediately and systematically take over the planning of the financial measures after determining the ability to service the debt, coordinate the implementation in a timely and quality manner, and ensure the result of the financial restructuring.

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„Wir bieten Ihnen die persönliche und unternehmerische Beratung, die Sie in herausfordernden Zeiten erwarten dürfen.“ – Christian Saxenhammer, Managing Partner

Special Situations M&A
The acquisition of companies in challenging situations


In particular, crisis situations such as the recent Corona crisis or geopolitical conflicts have shown that the ensuing entrepreneurial challenges or an impending insolvency need not be the end of all prospects for a company and especially the entrepreneur. The structured search for potential strategic investors or for a financial investor can also open up new entrepreneurial perspectives in the very short term. In both variants, the sale of a minority or a majority stake can be considered.


One thing is certain: even in tough crisis scenarios, special situations M&A, i.e. the implementation of structured investor processes in special situations, offers a suitable way of securing a company as a whole and thus the life's work of an entrepreneur.





From the buyer's point of view, special situations M&A opens up an excellent opportunity to tap into new markets and specialist know-how and to expand the market position of one's own company on favorable terms. Growth and increase in knowledge for the buying company, fresh capital for the economically ailing company, which can be used for turnaround and operational restructuring: change, optimization and development of the business model as well as internal processes of the company in a special situation. 

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Buy-side M&A                  Sell-side M&A

The course of a special situations M&A process

When a decision is made to sell a company, we can achieve our clients' goals in the shortest possible time with a stringent, practical approach, and many years of experience in designing meaningful equity stories. To achieve this, we proceed as follows, after a personal consultation:

We conduct a detailed analysis of your operational status and current financing structures with a view to all options for a turnaround or restructuring and discuss these with you openly and transparently. We develop models of possible sales structures and use them to derive forecasts of possible purchase price proceeds. On this basis, we are also at your side to discuss possible measures with current financing partners.


In the event of a crisis, immediate action is required. In a short preparation time, we structure the transaction process and identify potential transaction obstacles, at an early stage, on the basis of specific warning signals. When preparing external sales documents and searching for investors, we draw up a list of potential buyers ("long list"), condense this to potential investors ("short list"), prepare a sales exposé ("teaser"), draw up non-disclosure agreements ("NDAs"), as well as other process documents.


Thanks to our many years of expertise, we are able to develop a convincing equity story for our clients - even in difficult entrepreneurial situations. This is the core of every investor process, and it is on the basis of the equity story that we discuss a financial commitment with potential investors.


Key steps in approaching prospective buyers then include addressing potential buyers with the teaser and sending and negotiating the NDAs, preparing a comprehensive corporate presentation ("info memo"), preparing and sending a "process letter," preparing management presentations, and creating the virtual data room. All these steps require high speed and equally high precision at the same time.


Careful due diligence, in preparation for the entry of investors, is essential to ensure successful negotiation results and to avoid liability risks. We effectively compile necessary documents and information in preparation of the data room, sparing operational resources in the company as much as possible.


Our management of an investor process ensures the structured development of competition among several interested parties, through targeted negotiation management, creates options in this way and thus guarantees in particular the best possible process outcome in the interests of the company and its shareholders.



At your side in crisis and opportunity

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M&A Advisory


The sale and purchase of companies form the core of our expertise in the Mergers & Acquisitions segment, especially in special situations. The variants are manifold: share deal, asset deal, buy-out, carve-out, leveraged buy-out, merger, joint venture, restructuring, spin-off, squeeze-out, each transaction structure requires special expertise and, in special situations, above all the ability to act at high speed. We build on the necessary expertise gained from more than 300 successfully completed transactions. 


Your partners at Saxenhammer are ready to revolutionise the value creation history of companies with innovative and cross-sector M&A solutions of tomorrow. We analyse potentials, discuss opportunities in restructuring consultations or management consultations and ultimately achieve the desired goals together with you - financially, economically and entrepreneurially.


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Corporate Finance


It is not only important to keep an eye on the liquidity of one's own company in times of crisis. Corporate finance covers the broad range of all corporate financing issues. In terms of content, this includes planning and guaranteeing financing (procurement of funds) and investments (use of funds), controlling and monitoring them. In concrete terms, it is important to maintain the liquidity of the company.


Our support in the area of corporate finance is multifaceted - from the discussion and development of an optimal financing strategy to its successful implementation.


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