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The Saxenhammer team of experienced professionals has been successfully managing transactions for the last two decades. We put our clients first and are proud of our hands-on, entrepreneurial spirit and esprit de corps.

Leadership Team

Our team of experiences leaders in their field is driving strategic transformation in the M&A sector. At Boutique level it is shaping the strategic development and growth.

Closing a successful deal is similar to solving an algebraic equation. Both come down to handling variables, making sense of complexity, and problem-solving. But to be successful, you must be able to master the unknown with proven methodologies applied in a systematic way. That’s what successful M&A is all about. Now, if you also - as we do - happen to be part of a global network, then no equation should be too complex to tackle. The math is simple, isn’t it?

We are experienced professionals, effective at what we do. What makes us truly unique, though, is our passion for excellence and entrepreneurial spirit. We are dealmakers, willing to go above and beyond in every situation. This is what our clients expect from us.

Our Team

Each project is managed proactively by our dedicated professionals. Creative minds, analytical thinking and a can-do attitude lead to what matters most: Closing deals

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