Tristan Theissel

Senior Consultant



Tristan Theissel


Tristan Theissel is Senior Consultant at Saxenhammer.

Tristan has been self-employed for 11 years in several sectors and has also worked as an employee for companies in a wide variety of positions. His range of knowledge extends to economic, psychological and legal fields due to his time at university and to in-depth knowledge of the chemical sector, event catering, day trading and equestrian sports due to his professional activities.
Tristan could be described as a generalist, creative entrepreneurial spirit with a special eye for detail.

He has been working with his partner in Berlin as a horse broker, rider and trainer since 2019, and has managed deals and clients in the European region and the USA during this time. In this capacity, he can already look back on considerable international successes with greats of the sport.

He is currently studying to become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) at the renowned CFA Institute.

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