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Volker Ruhl is Partner at Saxenhammer and part of the global CDI sector team for Packaging.

Volker is a seasoned M&A professional with close to 20 years of advisory experience. He has a track record of around 50 completed transactions at leading investment banks such as Sal. Oppenheim, KPMG and Bankhaus Metzler. Before joining Saxenhammer, he built up and led the M&A team of the Dutch NIBC Bank in Frankfurt. During this time, he was responsible for transactions in the packaging sector with a volume of over € 300 million. In total, he successfully closed a transaction volume of more than € 4.5 bn. during his career. He is proud of the trust that many entrepreneurs have placed in him when making groundbreaking decisions. Volker feels at home in the German Mittelstand. His clients come from a wide range of industries including Packaging, Business Services, SaaS, Automotive, Industrials, Food and HVAC.

Volker holds a degree in Economics from the University of Bonn and certificates as International Investment Analyst and European Financial Analyst (DVFA).

Head of M&A Germany, NIBC Bank

Director M&A, Bankhaus Metzler


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