Corporate Acquisitions in the Digital Age

In a guest article in Digitale Welt magazine, Christian Saxenhammer examines the most important success factors for takeovers and business model strategies in a digital environment.

Corporate Acquisitions in the Digital Age


Many medium-sized companies are experiencing how their markets are changing dramatically. Technologies are renewing rapidly and thus, have fundamental effects on the business models of the companies. Medium-sized companies with limited resources often cannot keep up with this development. If they do, that is precisely the secret of their success. At the same time, customers have new needs and have become more disloyal. Many industries are therefore in a state of permanent change, especially as start-ups have precisely recognised these opportunities and have skilfully filled the gap of slowly renewing companies. The established ones have to react, but the essential question is how. One way can be the acquisition of a start-up. Apart from the purchase process itself and the legal and financial issues that are obvious, additional factors need to be considered in such transactions.


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