The Options for Businesses After the Corona Crisis

Christian Saxenhammer explains, in the Automobil Industrie, the challenges for SMEs due to the corona crisis and outlines the different options available to them after the crisis.

The Options for Businesses After the Corona Crisis


The SME segment suffers particularly from the Corona pandemic. Many companies have to decide on how to continue after the crisis – with partners, investors or maybe not at all. The drive for consolidation will remain a strong force in the markets. Large companies will continue to grow internationally in order to benefit from economies of scale and scope. Christian Saxenhammer, Managing Director of Saxenhammer & Co., explains the different scenarios that could potentially play out. One option for regional companies struggling with this pressure to internationalize is to enter into strategic partnerships in selected key markets, as this is an easier option than setting up their own production facilities. Another option is to find investors to help them overcome financial difficulties. Entrepreneurs must also ask themselves how well equipped they are for the future. In the absence of sustainability, a sale should be sought even if prices are currently at a low.


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