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Travelling has become a way of life in Germany. At the same time, Germany itself is becoming increasingly popular as a holiday destination - not only among international visitors, but also among locals. This results in great market potential for the German travel and leisure industry. There is similarly great potential for the entertainment industry. Digital business models facilitate access to new customer segments and innovative products.




Executive Summary


Carina Küffen

Current Developments

The Corona pandemic leaves deep scars

The travel and entertainment industry was hit hard by the Corona pandemic. Due to global lockdowns and strict hygiene regulations, travel volumes flattened massively worldwide, triggering the industry's biggest crisis to date.

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Workation is a model where the home office is effectively moved to the holiday location. For example, many are almost converting their second homes to first homes and working remotely from the holiday location.


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FromAtoB GmbH x Autobahn Tank & Rast GmbH

Number of M&A transactions - DACH region, 2021 (as of August)

Significant Transactions

CVC Capital Partners Limited X Away Resorts Limited (2021)

Cinven Limited X Restaurant Brands Iberia Sl (2021)

Future Trends

Near and nature-based tourism is gaining in importance and will play an even more important role for the travel industry in the future. The Corona pandemic and the megatrend towards sustainability are massively increasing the demand for national holiday opportunities. In the entertainment industry, the areas of virtual and augmented reality will continue to gain importance. The exceptional situation of the Corona pandemic in particular highlighted the potential of virtual activities. The possibility of experiencing concerts or museum visits virtually opens up new business fields.

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"The transformation of the travel and entertainment industry has been accelerated by the Corona pandemic. Digital events in particular are gaining in importance, making new business models possible. Nevertheless, we expect a wave of consolidation, especially in the mid-market, due to the impact of the pandemic."

Carina Küffen

Managing Director

Our View

Travelling has become a basic need for Germans. As the recovery from the Corona pandemic continues, travel and events volumes will experience a strong upswing. Similarly, the importance of digital events will continue to grow. Trends such as workation and nature-based tourism will have a decisive influence on the travel behaviour of the population. At the same time, new business opportunities will open up in the entertainment industry as the acceptance of virtual activities increases.

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