Debt Advisory

Financing corporate growth with new sources of capital and optimising existing financing structures are central pillars of a company’s strategic development. We offer our clients targeted solutions and great implementation expertise, even in complex situations.

How can we help

Achieving the targeted financing structure through many years of experience in evaluating and raising capital (debt, hybrid & equity).

Financing advice for growth, projects, leveraged buyouts (LBO), management buyouts (MBO), acquisitions, and restructuring

Advice on adequate capital mix, refinancing & restructuring situations, selection and sourcing of alternative financing partners

Experienced professional in working with European large corporations and PE-investors across Corporate & Investment Banking topics

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Martin E. Bloch

Senior Adviser

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The Process



We take over the project management and create an appropriate financial model and marketing documents in a highly professional manner, with the client's financing goals always in mind.


The information package is distributed to potential financing partners as part of a targeted market approach and is continuously supplemented with newly gained insights.


Management presentations and site visits take place. We take over the project management in full and support the analysis processes of the financing partners to effectively represent the interests of our clients externally.


We analyse and evaluate the available offers regarding the desired financing structure and finally negotiate the contractual parameters so that both legal and commercial aspects correspond to the ideas of our clients.