Fundraising thrives on access to an extensive international network. We represent our clients with our partner companies in offices in over 30 countries worldwide in their search for capital.

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Development of a meaningful equity story and multichannel approach to suitable investors.

Effective procurement of third-party funds

Many years of experience in business and project evaluation

Global network with personal contacts to investors

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Dr. Nicholas Hanser

Partner | Head of Technology

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The Process



Marketing materials are professionally compiled, taking investor expectations into account, to optimally highlight the core competencies and potentials of our clients in a meaningful equity story.


Our experts provide comprehensive support in professionalising your company before a fundraise and accompany you in the long term as your company grows and faces new challenges, right up to a possible IPO.


As part of a broad multi-channel approach, potential investors are contacted with the help of our global network to obtain concrete feedback on the market's willingness and conditions for investment.


The process is finalised with the completion of legal documents and details to ensure a smooth closing. In doing so, we always act as a strong partner at our clients' side to optimally realise their wishes.