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Advising TS TestingService GmbH and TS GiM GmbH on the sale to Test Industry (IGI Private Equity)

TS TestingService GmbH, TS GiM GmbH

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TS TestingService GmbH, TS GiM GmbH

The TS Group is a globally active group of companies based in Aachen, Germany, consisting in total of 11 companies with over 400 employees. The group is active in the fields of NVH and efficiency testing, hybrid and e-motor transmissions, production facilities for energy storage and water supply. A special focus is on the development of green technology solutions. TS TestingService GmbH was founded in 2005 and is a leading producer of wheel and tire test benches. TS GiM GmbH was founded in 1994 and its core business is the construction and development of cardan shaft test rigs.

Test Industry was established in 2017 from the integration of two realities, Bimal S.r.l. (Perugia) and Leonardo S.r.l. (Brescia), active in the industrial testing sector. The group produces a wide range of products, including leak, resistance and dimensional control test benches for testing broad-spectrum mechanical components, rims and tyres for the automotive sector, as well as test benches for impulse, burst, functional and endurance tests, mainly aimed at the heavy duty automotive sectors, agricultural vehicles, earthmoving vehicles, construction and aerospace.

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The construction industry is a key sector in Germany. In 2021, the construction industry contributed 5.9% to the overall economic gross value added – companies in the construction industry generated sales of approx. EUR 192 bn. The industry is made up of the main construction trade with approximately 75 k companies and the finishing trade with approx. 250 k companies. With annual growth rates of 4.9% since 2012, the construction industry is a clear growth market.