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Providing entrepreneurs, corporates, and investors in Continental Europe with strategic advice when it matters most.

CDI Global

Leveraging Global Networks starts by Connecting the Dots

CDI Global is building success stories through lasting relationships for nearly 50 years. Strong ties across the world, local knowledge of 46 offices, 3,000 completed transcactions and access to entrepreneurs and investors in over 30 countries, leads to a holistic approach and successful transactions. Deal by deal.

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Your Ambition is our Call to Action

In the past years we have completed more than 250 transactions across all major industries with an associated transaction value of € 14 bn.

About us

We share a Passion for Excellent Results

At Saxenhammer, we are professionals with a vast range of expertise, but what truly unites us is rather simple:

We are all driven by a passion for excellence and equipped with a born entrepreneurial spirit.

It’s the recipe that makes us the kind of partner that our clients expect us to be - dealmakers, willing to go above and beyond in every situation.

What sets us apart?

Driven team that sets our clients success before everything else.

Creativity and Assertiveness. We are dealmakers when it matters most

35 professionals with decades of combined experience across all industries

State-of-the-art tools and data-driven approach to support the high quality advisory services of our teams

Flexible solutions and stable project setup combined. Boutique experience at its best

Systematic and methodologically proven approach. Refined during over 250 transactions

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