Energy & Environment

Germany has been a global pioneer in the application of renewable energies and environmental technologies for decades. The energy transition remains an integral part of the German energy landscape with ambitious targets to reduce CO2 emissions by 80 % by 2050 and to increase the share of renewables in total energy consumption to 60 %. The energy and water supply sector in Germany employed almost 260 k people at the end of 2020.




Executive Briefing


Priyanshu Bhattacharya

Current Developments

Increased energy efficiency as the industry's top priority

Deregulation and liberalisation of the market are followed by digital transformation in the energy sector, an integral part of the energy transition. The energy industry is intensively engaged in managing large data streams from feed-in, smart metering and grid operation.

Growth Rates








Energy self-sufficiency

Digital smart systems that continuously monitor power flows in the building, production in rooftop PV systems and charging of e-cars in the garage to create self-sufficiency.


Our Sector Transactions


Highlight Transaction

Enerco Systems GmbH & Co KG x Nimex Petroleum GmbH

Number of M&A transactions - DACH region, 2021 (as of August)


Significant Transactions

Bayrische Versicherungskammer X Ferngas Netzgesellschaft mbH (2021)

FS DE Energy GmbH X MVV Energie AG (2020)

Future Trends

Energy procurement of the future is green, digital, and cross-sectoral. Lush stimulus packages to follow the Corona pandemic are spurring utility development and accelerating the path to efficient energy. Innovative technologies such as blockchain support the trend. In Vienna, a start-up is currently enabling the demand-based exchange of electricity between neighbours. In the future, such a model will be fully automated.

People & Voices

Saxenhammer has in-depth technical and industry knowledge and can draw on a broad network of industry experts with many years of transaction experience.

"Competition will continue to intensify. With technological progress, new players are entering the market and increasing the price pressure. At the same time, promising new business areas are opening up and need to be developed."

Priyanshu Bhattacharya


Our View

The traditional business model of the energy industry – producing, transporting, and selling electricity – is reaching its limits. Technological, economic, and political megatrends are creating new business opportunities for both incumbents and new players in the energy market. The task now is to identify the right fields and develop them strategically. In this way, new potentials can be exploited that will lead the energy transition to success.

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